We’re the founders of Woof Releaf. We LOVE animals. So much so, we have 23 pets at home ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and guinea pigs. It’s our love for all animals that lead us to find ways to make a difference in their health and wellness.

Our Journey Into CBD

Our journey into CBD started when we had to care for a family member’s very anxious Weimaraner, Wallie, for 4 months. Wallie is a very high-strung dog with a whole host of health issues and would incessantly whine all day from his separation stress. To say the least, Wallie was a handful to babysit. 

Seeing this poor dog in distress all the time led us to start looking for ways to alleviate some of his symptoms. The more we researched the more CBD came up as a therapy that could help, so we gave it a try. Within 15 minutes of taking CBD, we were shocked to see that Wallie had stopped whining and was completely at ease. We had just experienced the power of CBD firsthand.

Curious to find out how CBD worked, we decided to do more research but found that the information online raised more questions than answers. The industry seemed to be riddled with conflicting information and marketing fluff. It was hard to tell what was fact and what wasn’t. There is real science behind CBD’s effectiveness, but it’s not being presented. This is the reason why we started Woof Releaf–to be the trusted voice to pet parents when it comes to pet wellness CBD. 

Our mission is to advocate for pet parents everywhere in an open and honest way so that we can deliver supplements and food that have real, proven benefits for pets. 

We invite you to join our community and learn the truth about CBD and work with us to continue to develop amazing pet wellness products for our furry friends.